An intense Incubation Course is designed for each of these startups so that the product gets suitably developed and validated. Neotec Hub helps startups at this stage to raise any seed funding required by connecting them to its ecosystem of partners and business associates. The teams will collaboratively work for the target milestones that are mutually agreed upon. It is expected that at the end of this Stage the Startups will have a product which is tested and vetted by Ambuja and can now take the product to other customers with our validation and support. Networking sessions with Corporates, Investors, Mentors, and Experts will be arranged regularly. A Pre-Series Round is likely to happen at the end of the Incubation Program. This phase is the Acceleration Phase for the startup at Neotec Hub. Here we work with mature startups with consistent monthly revenues, who need immediate growth capital to scale and grow exponentially. Typically, these startups have the opportunity of a Series A or the visibility of a Strategic Investor post scale.