Western Range Biopharmaceuticals

About Western Range Biopharmaceuticals

Western Range Biopharmaceuticals (WRB) is a biotech start-up with focus on innovative therapies for unmet medical needs. They have developed two technologies so far, one for treatment of cancer and other for efficient identification of the most efficacious chemotherapy agent. Other services are under development.


TheraVacDC+complements the existing treatment modalities such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It has three different modalities of cellular immunotherapy: (a) activated dendritic cells, (b) expanded natural killer cells, and (c) expanded gamma delta T cells.Our TheraVacDC+ approach is very potent as these three types of immune cells interact with each other and so exhibit strongly synergistic immune-stimulatory effect.

Onco-D-Sens helps identify chemo drugs that have highest efficacy for a particular patient. Many cancer patients, esp relapsed cancer patients, are often resistant to many chemo drugs. The current practice to overcome this resistance uses trial-and-error approach which may take about five to six months while the patient continues to deteriorate. Our testing allows screening of select potential drugs using our proprietary 3D culture technology (where we grow cancer cells from cancer biopsy tissue) to identify the most efficacious ones in less than two weeks, which allows oncologists to minimize trial-and-error approach.


  • Put together a biotech R&D team
  • Developed complex services in cancer vertical
  • Developing complex services in degenerative diseases
  • Revenue flow established and expected to be cash flow positive soon


Dr Vinod Kuberkar

Dr Vinod Kuberkar

Dr Vinod Kuberkar completed his Integrated M.Tech in biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi and PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. He also has PGPX MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad. In his professional career, Vinod has worked for Amgen (California), Baxter Healthcare (Maryland), and Sulzer Biologics (Colorado) in the US, and Wockhardt Biotech (Aurangabad) and Intas Biopharmaceuticals (Ahmedabad) in India. His diverse roles have spanned both technical and techno-commercial domains. Vinod left well-paid salaried career to pursue entrepreneurship by starting Western Range Biopharmaceuticals.