About Vedic Maths

Online Maths Tutoring company – specializing in Live, One on One Maths Tutoring.

Focussed on Speed Maths to ensure students get results with ease and simplicity.

Present in 7 countries via the franchise route.


  • Live Online Courses in Maths + Speed Maths for Grades 3 -12 and Competitive Exam Aspirants.
  • Video based Content in Maths + Speed Maths.
  • National and International Franchise Available.


  • Maths is a requirement in almost every home.
  • Video based Maths content for 2 National and 4 International Curriculums which will be distributed across various platforms – globally.
  • The size of the global eLearning market is likely to grow by 5% between 2016 and 2023, exceeding USD 240 Billion



Gaurav Tekriwal

Founder President, Over 17 years in the field of Maths Education. Author. TED Speaker. Recipient of Fellowship by Ministry of External Affairs, India.


Anushree Tekriwal

Director, Experience of over 10 years in the Banking Industry. Manages business development,
operations and finances of the company.


Soumil Roy

Web design and Web development with 7 years of solid experience on Web technologies like PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3.


Abhijit Sarkar

Graduate in Math and a post graduate in computer applications. Senior most teacher at Vedic Maths Forum India with over eight years experience in teaching Math overseas.


Poulami Chanda

Electrical Engineer with over two years’ experience in teaching Math. Very well versed in Functions, PreCalculus, Calculus and other higher math topics like Complex Numbers, and Progressions.


Saikat Sen

Computer science engineer with over 3.5 years in teaching Math to students. Started career with the Vedic Maths Forum India and has taught students in the United States, Australia and many other countries.