Witblox blocks are LEGO like Electronic blocks which can be connected to one another to make any circuit logic. These are used by
children to make Science/Robotics/ Electronics Projects. Children and parents buy this product online and through retail.

WitBlox Simulation Platform is a free App & Marketplace for WitBlox Blocks where users can simulating 3D Designs, Mechanical Designs,
Kinematics & Mechanisms virtually on the app and accordingly order the parts used in the design. We ship the parts.


  • Hardware Witblox blocks are very user friendly for Robotics, Home Automation , Science Projects
  • Simulation App to design projects virtually and test it and then order the relevant parts.
  • LinkedIn type Community platform in the App to connect & share designs among Makers & Innovators.
  • Projects Library with new project addition every week to keep the users engaged.


  • Lego has an annual revenue of INR 379 bn. It can be a good example of the total market potential. (Source: Lego Annual Report)
  • The Witblox simulation platform has the potential of generating huge network effect
  • Increasing popularity of Robotics technology will help in attracting new students on the platform on a continuous basis


Amit Modi

Founder with 3+ Years of experience as Education Consultant , Software Developer, Biomedical Engineering is from
IIT Bombay. He is Visionary, Passionate , Entrepreneurial and great Team Manager & sales guy.

Tiwari Ankit

2+ Years as Product Developer. B.Tech in Electrical Eng from Mumbai University. Passionate & Tech Enthusiast.