About Biogenick

Biogenick Life is a health data platform that focuses on integration of multivariate datasets extending form genomic to psychometry, clinical to IoT health data, pollution to Socio-economics, to provide preventive intelligence for the 360o healthcare ecosystem consumers which includes payer-provider ecosystem and the policy makers.

They are also invested in developing novel preventive solutions out of this platform for reduction of Global disease burden and hence mortality and morbidity. Biogenick Life work extensively in the field of Genomics to enrich the platform knowledge base and further harness it to understand and infer its impact on Nutrition, Physiology, Lifestyle & Lifestyle Diseases and other fatal conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Intellectual Disorder, Developmental Disabilities and Cancer.


  • Consumer Genetics:
    Consumer genetics or personal Genomics is interpretation of the genome of an individual and that attempts to make use of the vast wealth of data produced by genomic projects (such as 1000 genome project) to describe gene (and protein) functions and interactions. The genotyping stage employs different techniques, including single-nucleotide polymorphism analysis chips, or partial or full genome sequencing.

    • DNA Story
      • Health +
        DNA is what sets us apart. A little shift in your DNA code might make you predisposed to certain conditions. The simple non-invasive test can help you understand your risks better.

      • Nutrition +
        Specific variations in our gene can explain how we will respond to the food, beverages and supplements we consume. Nutrigenomics tells you the right diet to lose/gain weight, and optimize health.

      • Fitness +
        Whatever be your fitness goals, if you want to maximize your results, you’ll need a workout plan personalized to your genomic built. Research shows that workout plans customized to genetic built can be three times more effective and efficient.

  • Diagnostics:
    Biogenick Life's portfolio of tests and services is aimed at delivering genomic intelligence that optimizes treatment decisions and outcomes throughout the therapeutic lifecycle.

    • Chromosomal Anomalies
      Seeking answers about your child’s health? – Genetic Testing Might Help

      • Autism Spectrum Disorder/ID/DD
        Chromosomal Microarray has been recommended as the First-Tire Clinical Diagnostic Test for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities or Congenital Anomalies by The American Society of Human Genomics. This is a powerful tool for Disease Identification & Prognosis Management.

      • Recurrence Risks
        Want to know what are chance of other members / siblings having same conditions? Genetic test might provide you with an answer even before you plan your family progression.

      • Antenatal Screening
        Chromosomal microarray analysis (“CMA”) is for any case of an ultrasound finding of fetal structural abnormality or identified as high risk due to previous complications or clinical findings; unless the abnormality is “strongly suggestive” of a particular aneuploidy, in which case karyotype may be offered before CMA

  • Insurance & Employers:
    Comprehensive 3600 Wellness Profile | Intelligent Disease prevention Platform | Interactive Employee Wellness management Tool

    To enable payer, providers and researchers to combine and use all the information seamlessly, we have developed a platform that can integrate huge multivariate data sets and draw meaningful insights for translatable applications.

    • Underwriting support Tool
      Biogenick Life provides comprehensive user health risk profile to augment the efficiency of underwriting process. Biogenick Life's proprietary AI-ML based platform creates personalized risk stratification for your individual applicants to understand their current state of wellbeing and risks of developing certain health complications.

    • Wellness Navigator

      A Digital Health Platform for sustained wellbeing through continuous user engagement

      A comprehensive platform which analyses multivariate datasets like genomic, lifestyle, clinical and cognitive behavioural data to precisely predict individual health risk and engage users through personalized recommendation using a virtual humanoid.

      The Wellness Navigator is:

      • Not a mere tracking solution but a holistic solution for optimal health & wellness
      • Prediction with precision
      • True personalized wellness companion
      • Disease cohort based prevention module
      • AI based personalized Health Coach


  • With initial traction at healthcare service provider space in Kolkata market and India based health insurance payer segment, the company envisages expanding the business pan India by 2020 for healthcare provider as well as Health insurance payer space. Also, by the same time line with already received interest company aims to expand in GCC market particularly in the area of corporate wellness.


  • Biogenick Life selected as one of the most promising start-up at NASSCOM 10000 Startups.


Sanjoy Chatterjee

Co-Founder, Director of the Board

Sanjoy Chatterjee is a seasoned IT professional (with over 15 years of experience) making his way up from the bottom to the stage of Technology Evangelist and Cutting Edge Consultant. Sanjoy lead his way up from a one-man army to being a commander of a strong contingent of very high level technology professionals, and yet leading very profitable and venerated business endeavours quite successfully.

Prof. Debatosh Datta

Co-Founder, Chief Research Officer

A former IIT Bombay professor, Doctor & Scientist who has dedicated his life towards biological research. He is holding patent of some industry acclaimed formulations. His contribution towards population health management research is well-known in the industry. His primary area of research is Molecular Medicine. He has numerous publication in the field of molecular medicine.

Dr. Animikh Ray

Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Animikh Ray has a PhD in pharmaceutical Science from University of Missouri- Kansas City (UMKC). During his doctoral studies Dr. Ray has worked on development of targeted delivery platforms for anti-cancer therapy. Following completion of his PhD Dr. Ray has worked both in academia and Industry in New York.

Anindya Kundu

Co-Founder, Head of Data Science Practise

A data scientist turned entrepreneur, spent more than a decade in architecting and implementing enterprise level data driven decision solution for health insurance payer organizations. He designed and implemented AI/ML/DL driven, predictive and reinforcement learning product/solution which spread across healthcare (payer & provider), insurance, mobility, environmental solutions and travel & hospitality business domain.

Abhijnan Basu

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

He is a consummate business consulting professional, creative and entrepreneurial, having over 11 years of extensive experience in the domain of Health care, Infrastructure and Banking, with a demonstrated track record in the field of Business Development, Strategic Business Consulting, consultative Selling, Marketing, Branding and Client Relationship Management.