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About Anthyesti

Anthyesti Funeral Services is a funeral service provider catering across religions and communities. We are a unique startup that provides end to end funeral solutions right from hearse vans, mobile dead body freezer boxes to priests across various communities.
After witnessing few funerals, we realised how unorganised and unstructured the local service providers were. At a point where the family was supposed to be together grieving and mourning, they were instead caught up in arranging the logistics, haggling with the vendors and choosing professional services. We wanted to address that gap.


Being a service based industry, we depend solely on the quality of the services provided especially when it comes to dealing with such a sensitive industry.

    Our Services:

  • Transportation via Road
  • Preservation Services
  • Repatriation of Human remains via Flight
  • Priest Services & Funeral Event Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Quality Feedback assurance calls

These services are open to all religions across all communities.

We are majorly an aggregation service model who owns as little inventory as possible thus reducing the overheads of monthly running costs. Our vendors are hand-picked by us after a thorough background check on their resources and abilities.


  • We have successfully dealt over 950 cases and still running
  • Tied up with respected funeral directors both in India as well as Abroad
  • Our Testimonials from Clients are always a pleasant sight for our entire team



Shruthi Reddy

Founder & Director

A software engineer by profession who is responsible for the overall operations across all functions of Anthyesti. The transition from being a geek behind the computers to an entrepreneur of a funeral services industry has been very challenging and endearing for her.