Neotec Hub Global

Neotec Hub Global is a Marketing Incubation Program best suited for Startups or small/medium size companies based outside India. The companies which qualify are ones that have already developed a product/service and are looking to explore India as a potential market. For many such companies, the natural progression to any other global market is not an option due to lack of local/cultural knowhow, too much competition, inability to hire locally, or regulatory issues (typically in industries like healthcare etc.). Other companies need a large amount of data to analyse and fine-tune their algorithms. For such companies, the current Indian market provides a lucrative opportunity because of its size, diverse culture, english speaking population, progressive government policies and other such enabling factors.

These companies are, however, apprehensive about the ease of business issues in India and need a strong Indian partner who can hand hold them and give them a soft landing. We offer this partnership and opportunity to global companies via the Neotec Hub Global programme.


The Startup company or SME will be required to open a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership in India in which there will be a partnership of the principal company and Neotec hub. The technology of the product/service and/or technical mentorship will be provided by the principal company who will recruit the tech team etc. as needed from India, with the support of Neotec hub.


Neotec hub will provide the following :

  1. 1. Services of Mentorship
  2. 2. Access to businesses as first customers/span>
  3. 3. Funding, Space & Infrastructure and in lieu of the same, take equity in the Indian entity of the international company


For the JV, it is best that an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Company is formed.