About Kare4U

Kare4U is an emerging healthcare technology solution provider that brings all entities - Hospital, Doctor, Clinic, Diagnostic Centre, Pharmacy and People (Consumer of the Healthcare Service) - within the Healthcare industry on a common collaborative platform. Leveraging the advancement in technology, influence of social media and ubiquitous of smartphone (Internet), there was a necessity to digitize Healthcare within the developing countries and globally, thereby, making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable.

Product & Service

Portal Service

The digital gateway to your hospital. Kare4U's platform provides a multitude of digital services which is exposed via your professionally designed website. Below are the services that a customer's get when they sign up with Kare4Us

Mobile App Service

Mobility is the future. Research says, customer retention and recall is significantly better if hospitals are mobile focused. Kare4U is a Mobile first company and has significant focus on exposing all your services via the mobile app. Whether it's reminder or send notification about a new hospital service, Kare4U's mobile app has it covered

OPD Solution

Kare4U's OPD solution is significantly different that what current market provides. Developed in consultation with reputed doctors and hospitals, we provide solution that is targeted to specific specialization. The other stand-out feature of Kare4U is the customer engagement. Sharing health-records, sending reminders, remote consultation are some features where your customers are an integral part of the solution



Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy
Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy


With over 45000 successful laser surgical procedures spread across 30 years of active practice to his credit, Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founder and Co-Chairman of Maxivision Eye Hospitals is the foremost laser-assisted eye surgery expert in the country.

Mr. Nagraj Srinivasan
Mr. Nagraj Srinivasan

Vice-Chairman, Director

Wealth of experience on IT services with 100% success rate in delivering projects to many Fortune 1000 clients across the globe. Leveraged automation in different business contexts across industries.

Mr. Brahma Acharya
Mr. Brahma Acharya

Co-Founder, CTO

Though the term 'Business-Technology' alignment is a cliche, Brahma strongly believes in the mantra. Technology being his passion, he started Kare4U with an intent to give the healthcare industry the much needed boost that it needs.