About Driver Shaab

DriverShaab brings you a professional car drive service. Just hire a driver and reach your destination smoothly. DriverShaab is a platform where you can end your tiring driving by book a driver from DriverShaab at any time. We have good numbers of trained drivers who can provide quality services to our customers.
DriverShaab will launch user- friendly App based booking for our frequent travelers, personal car owners and Corporate. DriverShaab provide our services anywhere any time in Kolkata in just 45 minutes.
DriverShaab want to make you trip more relaxing than you have ever thought. If you love to explore the new place and love to travel, then DriverShaab is the right choice for you.

Product & Service

  • Drivers for domestic activities
    Take the stress out of errand day by doing away with the stress of driving and parking! DriverShaab makes it easy for you to hire an experienced driver to take care of the hassle of negotiating traffic as you concentrate on dispensing with the many tasks you need to take care of. Hiring a driver on an hourly basis at DriverShaab is as easy as clicking a button!

  • Office Rides
    Get a great start every day and save energy for a productive day at work to by hiring a driver for you daily commute! At DriverShaab, we provide trained and pre-screened drivers for your driving needs. Whether you need a regular driver who ferries you to and from work every day, or a stand-in driver for days on which you are not well enough to drive, we have a driver for every requirement!

  • Drivers for short trips (within city limits)
    Hiring a driver has never been as easy as it is with DriverShaab! Whether you are looking for one for your daily commute to the office, for a weekend getaway or for a late night party you need to attend, it is now easy to hire one, even at a short notice. With DriverShaab, you can even hire a driver on an hourly basis! Make sure your guests are able to visit all the sights in the city without having to worry about driving them around! Our drivers are well acquainted with the routes and will ensure a pleasant outing every time you go for a drive! Hassle free traveling is just a few clicks away with DriverShaab.

  • Drivers for Weekend Getaway
    Plan a relaxing weekend getaway with your friends and family, and to make sure you enjoy every moment of your holiday, hire a driver who will take over the arduous task of driving. Enjoy the pleasure of being chauffeured in your own car! Our trained and pre-screened drivers can be hired for weekend trips to any destination of your choice.



Avijit Das
Avijit Das


Avijit has 8+ years experience in IT industry . Worked as Business System analyst.

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Pavan Varma


Pavan has 11+ years experience in IT Industry and currently the CEO at Radian Software, a leader in digital Transformation.

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Kanhaiya Shaw