Unlimited Mentorship

Each Startup is assigned dedicated Mentors in the required domain. These Mentors are well-known and reputed personalities of the Ecosystem. The Mentorship will be available on an unlimited basis in all areas of Technology, Strategy, Business Plan, Pivoting, Marketing etc. There are Monthly Reviews, Master Classes and Quarterly Investor interfaces for each Startup.

Access to Group Businesses

Our existing businesses of Realty, Healthcare, Education and Hospitality are provided to our participating Startups for doing Alpha, Beta Projects as a Test Bed. We will be the first customers of their products/services/technology and after vetting these from us, a suitable Go-To-Market Strategy is made for each Startup.


After having worked with us for 3 months, we will have a fair idea of the progress made on the agreed business plan and the way forward. With a 5 year cash flow, we will ascertain if we would be going ahead with regard to funding. If we agree to go ahead, we will take the responsibility of arranging the funds. A part of the fund will be from our own Group and the balance from our consortium of Investors.

Space & Co-working environment

Our Startups will have free access to the required Workstations, Chambers, Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, Club and Cafeteria of Neotec Hub, Kolkata which has state of the art ambience, high-speed internet and great infrastructure. It would also be an opportunity to interact/network with other Start-Ups of Neotec Hub.


Our expert consortium will support you in creating legal, accounting, administrative and communication strategies for partnering with various investors.

Structured Customised Incubation Program for 12 months

Each Startup thus chosen, will have a customised Mentorship Program. They will have to make Business Plan, Key Milestones, Cash Flows at the beginning of the program. The Progress will be monitored monthly. Required support/hand-holding in technology, business plan, pivoting, course-correction, etc will be given.

Connect to Angel Investor and PE-Funds

A quarterly interface with Angel Investors will be given to participating startups who will mentor them on various investor expectations.

Market Outreach Initiatives

Once Ambuja Neotia has vetted the product/service/technology, we will then make a Go-To-Market strategy for the startup to implement.

Virtual Incubation Program

We also extend customised Virtual Incubation programs for Startups who cannot have teams working from Neotec Hub and would prefer to work from their own locations. In such cases, we assign a dedicated Mentor in the city that the Startup is based. The program is similar to the 12 month Incubation program. In this case, the Founders need to make a visit to Neotec Hub every month for Monthly Reviews.