Akvo Atmospheric Water Generator - Create water from the humidity in the air. AKVO, short for Advanced Knowledge Ventures & Opportunities, is an Atmospheric Water Systems Pvt Ltd enterprise,headquartered in Kolkata, India. AKVO is a first of its kind indigenous Atmospheric Water Generator which is amongst the lowest in power consumption manufactured in India and marketed globally, we have developed our own technology to be able to extract drinking water from the air and therefore work towards solving the issues that persist due to the non-availability of good quality water. AKVO Atmospheric Water Generators are built with volume of fresh water in mind. AKVO is able to cater to all kinds of water requirements, whether you need 40 Litres of Water per day of 400,000 litres of water per day. AKVO has a solution to all the water needs. AKVO systems can be used in industries, construction sites, hydroponic farms, hospitals, hotels and many more. These models have been designed to work in most arid environments with humidity levels as low as 30%. AKVO also aspires to work with Government and Policy makers in terms of policy creation, advisory and advocacy in order to improve the water quality and to also explore the possibilities of using our machines to help in providing water to those part of the world where people do not have access to pure drinking water. With AKVO, our endeavour is to combat water issues experienced worldwide by providing environmentally conscious water options to homes, businesses, industries and in an emergency situation as a complete disaster relief solution.


Akvo’s Industrial units are scaleable and interfaced in sequence to fulfil the most sizeable water requirements. These models have been designed to work in most arid environments with humidity levels as low as 30%.


Akvo Pod -  Capacity 30 Litres/ Day ( 24 Hours)

Akvo 36K - Capacity 100 Litres/ Day ( 24 Hours)

Akvo 55K - Capacity 150 Litres/ Day ( 24 Hours)

Akvo 110K - Capacity 300 Litres/ Day ( 24 Hours)

Akvo 180K - Capacity 500 Litres/ Day ( 24 Hours)

Akvo 365K - Capacity 1000 Litres/ Day ( 24 Hours)

Requires no water source

There are 37,500 trillion gallons of “fresh” water in the air at any given time and Akvo AWGs gives you fresh water using the air-to-water technology.

Works off the grid

Our Machines namely Akvo Pod(10 Gallons per day) Akvo 100 (20 Gallons Per day) and Akvo 250 (50 Gallons per day) can work on off-grid power.

Easy to maintain

Akvo AWGs are cost efficient and require minimum maintenance to make it run. Installation of the AWG can be set up within a short time frame.

Un-tether yourself from water lines

Akvo AWGs gives you pure drinking water and lets you bypass water lines from the municipal water supplies completely, cleaning your air in the process.

No water wastage

Our AWGs don’t deplete existing water resources and unlike RO and desalination systems that waste 70% of the water as reject water, there is no water wastage.

Pure drinking water

Akvo Atmospheric Water Generator outputs pure drinking water that contains no harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides or minerals.

Beyond Drinking Water

The water collected from our AWG is distilled in its collection stage and then minerals are added to the water to make it reach recommended drinking standards. The water collected is very effective for Hydroponic farming. (We are currently running some test runs in India.) Other applications for Atmospheric Water Generators are in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries and Micro-Breweries.



•Supplied 5 units of AKVO Atmospheric water generators at IOCL Haldia •Installed one AKVO unit at DAMOH, Bhopal •Hydroponic farms being set up near Kolkata •Development of Atmospheric Water Generators specific to hydroponic farming •6th Signals Battalion Unit satisfied with demo unit of AKVO , plans to buy one unit in Leh •New Delhi Municipal Council offered set up of 21 AWG based water ATMs at prime locations. •Signing Master Distributors for West Bengal and North Eastern States •Pilot project being sent to Sharjah Electricity Water Authority •Set up of Distributorship Centres in South Africa to fight water crisis