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Unlimited Mentorship
Unlimited Mentorship

A cornerstone of our program is the commitment to provide startups with dedicated mentors who are there for them every step of the way. The Mentorship will be available on unlimited basis in all areas of Technology, Strategy, Business Plan, Pivoting etc.

Access to Group Businesses
Access to Group Businesses

Members of the Neotec Hub incubation program, get access to Ambuja Neotia's existing businesses across Realty, Healthcare, Education and Hospitality for doing Alpha, Beta Projects as a Test Bed. After vetting, a suitable Go-To-Market Strategy is made.


Neotec Hub incubation program supports qualifying entrepreneurs and startups with business funding after intial teething period. A part of the funds is provided by the Ambuja Neotia Group and the balance from a consortium of Investors.

Space & Co-working environment

When in Kolkata, the startups get free access to Workstations, Chambers, Meeting rooms, Auditorium, Club and Cafeteria of Neotec Hub. It would also be an opportunity to interact/network with other Startups of Neotec Hub.


A Consortium giving legal, accounting, compliance related help and Administrative Support, counselling for developing communication strategy for pitching to Investors, will be available once a month on virtual basis, at an agreed time.

Customised incubator program for 12 months

Each Start Up goes through a customised Program. The Business Plan, Key Milestones, Cash Flows are made when the Program begins. The Progress is monitored Monthly and required support/hand-holding in technology, business plan, pivoting, course-correction

Connect to Angel Investor,and P-Funds
Connect to Angel Investor,and P-Funds

A quarterly interface to connect the startup and founders with Angel Investors will be given to participating startups who will mentor them on the Angel Investor expectations.

Market Outreach Initiatives

Once the business has vetted the product / service / technology, we have already created a reasonable traction – we will then make a Go-To-Market strategy for the startup to implement.

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Our Vision

Unlimited Mentorship

Aligning Start Up India – Stand Up India as a responsible Corporate.


Leveraging great ideas and providing guidance to bright and enthusiastic youngsters.

Helping startups implement ideas, get adequate incubation and market access.

Investing in the selected startups as an Angel Investor.


Utilising the management expertise available, to hand hold Startups.


Acting as an Incubator and Accelerator for selected Startups.

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